Choose Wool

1 main characteristic that we think
is important to know

Wool, wool felt is inherently flame-retardant. Why? Pure wool retains moisture in every fiber. Therefore it resists flames without chemical treatment. Wool does not burn when touched by flame. It just chars slowly.
Also, wool does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when touched by the flame. Even if directly exposed to fire, the woollen fabric would not burn, only char.
Wool is one of the most heat-resistant materials among natural fibers and does not burn in open flame. Smolders and chars slowly from app. 300°C.

A modern natural fabric safe to use around you and your family, babies, children and pets.

Wool blend felt that contains even small proportions of blends make the product flammable and dangerous. Wool blend felt like:
– wool and rayon
– wool and acrylic
– wool and polyester
We do not recommend these!

Cotton is a natural fibre and is flammable.
Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber. It is flammable and burns fast.
Acrylic is a synthetic fibre. It is highly flammable and dangerous.
Polyester is a synthetic fibre. Also highly flammable and dangerous.

Acrylic felt, polyester felt; synthetic fabrics made from recycled water bottles or plastic are not recommended at all. Also they can contain toxins due to the dyeing-process.

Would you like to use such fabric in order to make a cute little doll or stuffed animal for your precious little one?

If you use blend felt containing proportions of rayon or felt with a synthetic component pay particular attention to the information on fire protection.
We always miss the seller’s statement on their sites and Etsy that such a textile is flammable and therefore can be dangerous. Not to mention these fabrics may contain toxins due to the dyeing-process.
We are upset. When reading these are marked as natural premium fabrics.

A smoldering match or cigarette put down on an acrylic plaid can ignite the fabric that will burn fast. A fallen candle or flying embers on an acrylic mat can ignite the textile that will burn quickly. Flames that capture dolls, stuffed animals, cushions, garlands; nursery decor made from synthetics will burn very quickly.
Polyester melts and burns at the same time. The melting and burning ash can quickly attach to any surface. The flames spread to other objects, items, curtains, carpets, etc. All of this burns like tinder. The entire room is on fire in no time. Toxic fumes are formed and spread.
Cannot imagine what would happen if such a scenario occured within a child’s room. Burning polyester melts, drips and sticks to the skin too.